Event Cleaning

 Event Cleaning

The perfect event cleaning will have 3 stages. These stages will ensure that your home is properly detailed, maintained and returned to its original condition. We offer all of these services, you can choose one or bundle all three into a package. We provide in home estimates, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Pre Event

A pristine home sets the stage for a successful event. This is a time when paying attention to details can really make your home shine. The products we use are non toxic & scent free, we arrive with all the tools required to care for your home.


Often over looked but very important, maintenance cleaning during your event has tremendous value. Not only will your home maintain its perfection for the entire event, but your home will also be protected. Spills will be promptly cleaned up, garbage cans will be emptied, bathrooms maintained & surfaces kept clean. While you pay uninterrupted attention to your event, our team will be devoted to your home.

Post Event

The final stage is dedicated towards returning your home to its original condition. This includes tear down, * garbage/recycling removal, cleaning, returning furniture to their original positions and assisting where needed.

Each stage is also offered a la carte.

All of our assessments are made in person. A verbal estimate will be provided at that time, with a formal estimate to follow. A deposit of 25% is required at time of booking.