4 Things Missed in your House Cleaning

Nothing contributes more to the wear & tear on your home like neglect. One of the very first things we do for a new client is to perform a in home consultation. This is when we learn about the needs of the home and the client, this is also the time when we discover that certain things have been forgotten by the previous cleaner. We then take that information, create a personalized cleaning plan and your cleaning team uses it as their guide.

There are 4 things missed in your house cleaning, we have discovered this in almost every home that we visit for the first time. Are you missing these tasks too?


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The dishwasher…it does not clean itself.

Why is this appliance ignored when it is used so often?  A dirty dishwasher will eventually give you problems: spotty glasses, mysterious odours, dirty cutlery and the door might be sticky when it shuts.

Weekly Cleaning: The rubber seal on your dishwasher door needs to cleaned because grime & detergent build up will damage the rubber. What’s the solution? Vinegar and a cloth. Spray vinegar onto the seal and wipe away the grime every week.

Monthly Cleaning: For a quick and simple wash of your dishwasher: Run your dishwasher through a full cycle using half a cup of vinegar or 3 ounces citric acid.

Deep Cleaning: Troubleshooting? You may not need a repair man, what your dishwasher might need is a deep cleaning. If you plan to take apart your dishwasher for a deep cleaning, always read the manufacturer instructions for your brand.

The Grease Filter on your hood fan should not be yellow.

A dirty grease filter on your hood fan could be inhibiting air flow and causing problems.

Weekly Cleaning: Once a week run your hood fan grease filter through the dishwasher, it will stay sparkly clean.

Monthly Cleaning: My favorite method is to use baking soda. The Manly Housekeeper  has instructions for you to follow.

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Most likely to be ignored? The Washing machine.

You may have noticed that your towels seem stale, your whites are dull and there is a strange odour in your laundry room. These are signs of a dirty washing machine. Take care of this appliance properly and it will take care of the laundry.

Weekly Cleaning: Spray the rubber seal on the door with vinegar and wipe away the built up detergent. Leave your washing machine door open after each wash to air dry.

Monthly Cleaning:  Cleaning this appliance will extend it’s lifespan and keep your clothing in great condtion.   How to clean your washing machine.   

Do not use fabric softener: Fabric softener leaves a coating on your clothing and a build up in your washing machine. Replace your fabric softener with vinegar. Don’t worry, your clothing will not smell like vinegar.

Your Garburator

I hope that most homes put more into their compost than they do into the kitchen sink, but garburators are still in almost every home. There are a few things that you  need to be aware of for safety when you are cleaning your garbage disposal, the “Home Wizard” has some tips.

Weekly Cleaning: The black rubber seal on the drain can become coated in food, this will create a bad smell and may be moldy. Pull it out and clean the grime off with hot soapy water. Spray vinegar onto the rubber drain seal and wipe away the grime stuck in the crevices.

Monthly Cleaning: The quickest way to clean your garburator is to toss frozen vinegar cubes in and turn it on. The vinegar will makes its way into all of the little crevices and the cubes will sharpen the blades.

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