Cleaning product list recommended by Maid Natural Cleaning, all of our products are scent free and non toxic. We have chosen these products because they work and we simply can not live without them. If you are interested in purchasing any of these cleaning products please contact us today.

Non toxic cleaning is safe and effective.


Bon Ami Powder Cleaner

Vegan, plant based cleaning agent made from coconut and corn oils.  We love to use this product on white sinks, toilets and tubs. Scent free.

Bar keepers Friend Powder

In 1882, a chemist discovered that the oxalic acid found in Rhubarb could clean his pots and pans. We like to use this product on porcelin, ceramic, acrylic and fiberglass tubs. It also cleans shower glass doors without scratching. Scent Free. Although they do not advertise that they are a vegan product, it is veg friendly.

Bar keepers Friend Soft Cleanser

The powerful soft liquid cleanser can restore your stainless steel, remove stains from white caesarstone counter tops and have your oven racks sparkling like new again.  Scent Free.

Soapberry All Purpose Cleaner

The soapberry is a natural soap grown on trees in south east asia. It has a neutral ph level making it safe to use on granite, marble and caesarstone. The soapberry is also antimicrobial, scent free, hypo allergenic and vegan.  Once the saponins (soap) have been released from the berry, the used soapberry can be placed in your composter.  We make our own special formula and it works brilliantly.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

This powerful disinfectant is safe to use around pets and children.  We use this product to disinfect surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. Did you know that hydrogen peroxide is active against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast, fungi, viruses and spores?  This is one powerful non toxic cleaner and it will clean your bathrooms and kitchen properly.

Window Cleaner

We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel with our window cleaner. It is a simple recipe of water, dish detergent and vinegar.

Oven Cleaning

Our search for the perfect oven cleaning product led us to Mother’s Choice, by Pink Solution. This product has no chemical odor and is not corrosive.

Are you interested in purchasing these products for your home? Contact us today !