Single parents, welcome to the jungle.

Maybe you planned to be a single parent, this is a brave decision that I know a few close to me have made. To set out on their own, take on full responsibility without the assistance of a partner.  I walk into my best friends apartment, she is an outstanding mother…wonderful single mother. And as I look around her living room, I notice that it looks like “Toys R Us” has literally thrown up all over the place. She will roll her eyes and agree with me when she reads that.

Single parents, we describe our parenting time in terms of percentages. Ask any single parent how often they have their kids, you will most likely hear “100%, 50% or 25%” of the time.  But what they don’t mention is that although they may only have 50% parenting time…their home is 100% theirs every day.

So what does 100% of the home and 50% parenting time mean to a single parent? Time is precious. You see, when you only have 50%, you spend your time trying to gain 100% back. This is in all areas of life, work, house work, time with kids, exercise and friends. We play catch up on time. That means when my children are home, I am completely devoted to giving them 100% attention, other things just don’t receive the same amount of priority. I tend to leave household chores until they are asleep or I ask them to do chores with me so that we can talk while we work. I am always looking for creative ways to stay on top of everything, while not sacrificing my time with them.

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If you come to my house the week my kids are home, it is filled with their friends and lots of noise. My son has a group of buddies, I call them the “usual suspects”. I adore these boys who travel house to house in search of video gaming and snacks. They run from the kitchen to the rec room, move furniture, toss pillows and leave behind plates, cups and gum wrappers. My daughter on the other hand, well…little girls tend to play in every room. I find their attention span for any particular activity is about 15 minutes. This means they can go from playing with American Girls to bracelet making, baking to crafts, and dress up all in one hour. The evidence of their presence trails all over the house, I truely believe that the person who decided that you can make bracelets out of rubber bands is sitting back and laughing at me right now.

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Sometimes it feels like I live two lives only having 50% time with my children. One week my house is organized and quiet, the following week it is filled with home wrecking fun as piles of kids come running through the front door. I have grown to appreciate the home wrecking, I miss it when it’s quiet. They are only young for a short time and one day my house will be quiet every week. One day there won’t be toys to trip over or rubber bands to pick up. One day they will grow up.

Owning a cleaning company has it’s perks. ( Actually it feels like I have won the lottery) My staff know that when my children are home, they are most likely to be scheduled to clean my house. I am very fortunate to have this support, teams of cleaners to fly in and help me on short notice and as needed. I sometimes wonder how other single parents do it, how do they manage? I have teams of professional cleaners that I can schedule to clean my  home at any given moment, to save me from my bathroom so that I can focus on my work. My gratitude for choosing to start a cleaning company grew ten fold once I became a single mother.

So my advice to you is this…just enjoy your time. Even if you don’t have a cleaning company to fly in on short notice to clean your bathroom, don’t worry too much about the mess or trail of gum wrappers. You are making up for lost time with your kids and you deserve to do this without feeling guilty about your piled up laundry or dishes. They are only young once, you are doing a great job and one day your house will be clean every day when they grow up and leave your nest.





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My two children inspired me to remove toxins from our home, I began this process with switching to natural cleaning products. I love blogging, finding fun in Vancouver with my kids, chasing my two dogs and crossfit. Follow me on twitter @maidnatural and like our facebook page to find tips on how to make your home toxin free.

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