Your most popular move out cleaning questions answered

These are truely the most popular move out cleaning questions that we receive at Maid Natural. A few years ago, we were asked by one of Canada’s top moving companies to provide move out cleaning exclusively for their customers. This type of cleaning has become our unique speciality and these are the questions that we here from you.


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Q: How long does it take to clean an empty home?

A:  This completely depends on the size of your home and it’s current condition. Larger homes require an in home estimate, smaller homes can usually be estimated over the phone by answering a few questions.

To gain a general idea of time, simply take the average time it takes to clean your home and double it. Why? The cleaners will be cleaning the outside and the inside of all appliances, cupboards and other surfaces.

Q: My home is very clean my move out cleaning shouldn’t take that long should it?

A:  Most of the homes we see are very well maintained, but there are few things to consider. If you haven’t hired professional packers, then most people find that they do not have the energy to clean and pack at the same time. Also, ask yourself how often do you empty your cupboards to clean the interior? How often do you fully clean the inside of your appliances?

Even for the most well maintained homes, move out cleaning time can still be double the average time it takes to routinely clean your home.

Q: How much cleaning am I responsible for when I move?

A: The goal of move out cleaning is to remove all traces of the previous owner living there. The home should be fully cleaned so that the new owners can move into a fresh space.

If you are selling or buying, ask your realtor if move out cleaning is included in the sales contract. You will also want to ask if the new owner is going to perform a complete renovation, they may actually decline move out cleaning.

If you are ending a lease, ask the home owner or leasing company for their move out cleaning check list. The home owner or leasing company will usually schedule a post cleaning walk through with you to see that things are cleaned properly.  Most rental / leasing companies will actually request to perform the walk through with the cleaning company directly, this is preferred because it will save you time.

Q: Do we have the windows cleaned? 

A: Most rental and leasing companies will ask you to have the interior windows cleaned. This also includes frames and  blinds. They normally do not request exterior window cleaning.

If you have sold your home then you must have the frames and blinds cleaned, but interior window cleaning is not normally done. Blind cleaning depends on the current condition of the blinds, they may need a dusting or a deep cleaning.

Q The new owners will be doing a full renovation, how much cleaning should be done?

A: Your realtor can help you negotiate this, move out cleaning may not be necessary. Otherwise , assume that the new owners will be living in the home and they will want it presented to them cleaned.

Q: How far in advance should I schedule my move out cleaning?

A: During peak moving periods (Spring & Summer) you will need to secure your move out cleaning date atleast one month in advance. During slower periods a minimum of two weeks is recommended.

Q: How do I save money on my move out cleaning?

A: Have your home ready to be cleaned and take on the easier cleaning tasks yourself.  To learn how to make your move out cleaning easier, see our tips.

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