Vodka and your bathroom.

Vodka and your bathroom ? What does a host do when they discover that they are out of cleaning products and guests will arrive shortly? Run to the bar and use the  vodka …that’s right…to clean your bathroom.  Here are a few ways that you can use this last minute lifesaver.


Chrome Faucets

Use a clean, soft cloth dipped in vodka to get your chrome shining like new.

Mirrors & Counter Tops

Clear mirrors of toothpaste splatter, and disinfect counter tops. Pour vodka into a spray bottle, spray area and wipe using a soft, clean cloth. Water may be added to dilute, but is not necessary.


Spray tiles in your shower and leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse with water, and shine using a clean, dry cloth.

Shower Curtain

Avoid mold and mildew forming on your shower curtain by misting undiluted vodka onto your shower curtain. Focus on the lower half, as this is a common problem area for mold.

Toilet & Sinks

Use a clean, soft cloth soaked in vodka to wipe down and disinfect porcelain sinks and the exterior of your toilet.





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