About Us

Our story

Yes, we are passionate about green cleaning and we believe that every home is individual and requires personalized attention. When I launched my company I wanted to provide the best service using only non toxic and scent free cleaning products. What I discovered along the way, our non toxic cleaning products not only made homes very clean but also brought out the beauty in unique surfaces. I have spent many hours educating myself and my staff on how to maintain a home in such a way to identify the needs of many surfaces such as marble, caesarstone, granite, leather, polished concrete and stainless steel. No two surfaces are alike and each requires individual attention.  The doors opened up fairly quickly and we have developed outstanding relationships with some of the most beautiful homes in Vancouver.

Why we are different

This is really something you must experience for yourself, we believe that the difference is found in the results we provide. Our work is guaranteed, this means that if you f ind a deficiency we will return at no charge to perform touch ups. Our goal is to manage your home for you, we identify needs without being told and can accommodate scheduling changes quickly to provide extra assistance if needed.

Your Team

I prefer to send the same team for each visit, this continuity is the key to our success. Your team will become the true experts on how to clean your home using our non toxic and scent free products. Your team will be provided with a personalized check list and will follow “to do” lists when needed.

Who am I?

I grew on the beautiful North Shore and made my way to the heritage community of New Westminster to start a family. I made the switch to non toxic and scent free cleaning products because I wanted to provide a healthier home for my children. This led me down the path to finding a cleaning company to meet my needs, which inspired me to launch my own company.  I am passionate about green cleaning methods and blogging about everything related to maintaining a healthy  home easily.  In my free time I love to find adventure with my two children in Vancouver and I am dedicated to Crossfit. Follow me on twitter @maidnatural to read live reviews from so many of my amazing clients.

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