A conversation with Conor


A conversation with Conor, house cleaner extraordinaire at MNC. Some of my favorite conversations have been with Conor, guranteed it wil have a wonderfully uexpected turn that I always enjoy.  I asked him if I could include him in my “Conversation with ______”  and he agreed. This is one of the reasons why I hired him, he is always up to trying something new and thinks outside of the box.

Title: House Cleaner / House Assistant, Maid Natural Cleaning.

Hired at MNC: June, 2013


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Q: What do you do besides work for MNC?

A: I’m a part time student. Recently, I was also the co-ordinator  for the bunaby/lougheed referendum for Sensible BC. I play the guitar, mostly country rock. I’m not in a band right now, but I’m looking.

Q: What did you think of the MNC training?

A:  I liked the supportive point of view you had with me during training. There were so many things that were entirely new to me, I didn’t expect that coming in. There were a few times that I felt like giving up because there was so much for me to learn. Of course, I didn’t give up.

Q:  What is your most favorite MNC experience?

A: Well, we respect confidentiality so much..it’s hard to answer that question. But there are two that come to mind. The first, cleaning a home of a well known celebrity. Every time they entered the room, I just wanted to jump out of my shoes. The second was giving fashion advice to one of my favorite clients, it was unexpected. It just makes sense that you get to know the people you work for, I enjoy the relationships we have.


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Q:  Who would imagine that house cleaning is fun?  I know, we meet fantastic people. What else makes your job fun?

A: Working with same people every day, the team makes it fun. We plan things together every month.

Q: Carnivore or Vegetarian?

A: I love meat, but I always choose the vegetarian meal. I don’t know why.

Q:  What have you learned so far from working for MNC?

A: I have learned so much from seeing how highly successful people live. The homes are very well organized, I have picked up on those habits personally. Paying attention to detail is also really important. Just these two things have helped me a great deal while in school.

Q: That brings me to my next question, what are you taking in school? What are you future plans?

A: I am going to be an entrepreneur, so I am in school right now working towards that. I have the travel bug and I want to open a Spa somewhere.

Q:  If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A: A Koala Bear. They are so cute.


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My two children inspired me to remove toxins from our home, I began this process with switching to natural cleaning products. I love blogging, finding fun in Vancouver with my kids, chasing my two dogs and crossfit. Follow me on twitter @maidnatural and like our facebook page to find tips on how to make your home toxin free.

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